Wednesday, January 1, 2014

IIE Passport China

Institute of International Education IIEPassport Study Abroad in China

Official Site : Official Search : Michelle Obama Press Release
Organizer: Institute of International Education
Wikipedia: Here. Facebook: Here.

Official Program Objective:
"- Promoting closer educational relations between the people of the United States and those of other countries.
- Strengthening and linking institutions of higher learning globally.
- Rescuing threatened scholars and advancing academic freedom.
- Building leadership skills and enhancing the capacity of individuals and organizations to address local and global challenges."

Program Eligibility: Varies depending on the program sought.

Number of Participants: Varies depending on the program sought.

Program Duration: Varies depending on the program sought.

Cost: Varies depending on the program sought.

Admission Difficulty: Varies depending on the program sought.

Repeat Participants? Unknown.

Application Deadline: Varies depending on the program sought.

The Low Down: The Institute of International Education is a US-based nonprofit organization that creates programs of study for students, educators and professionals. I include this link because it describes a publication of theirs, the "IIEPassport Study Abroad in China", which details over 350 study-in-China programs available for American citizens. In a speech given by Michelle Obama on January 19, 2011 (linked above), she announces plans for the US to have over 100 000 Americans studying in China in four years. The IIE database itself includes over 9500 programs worldwide. If you're American and you're interested in studying in China, it would seem that visiting this site is well worth your time.


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