Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Overseas Young Health Professionals Program
Organizer: Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission
Facebook: 2007, 2009.

Official Program Objective:
"1. to enhance understanding of national public health policy, interior affairs, and development of politics and economy in Taiwan;
2. to establish connections with outstanding health professionals and assist Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization."

Program Eligibility: "Ethnic Chinese, under 40 years old, physicians, residents/trainees, and students in medical schools and health professionals (optometrists, nutritionists, nurses, mental health counselors, chiropractors, etc.)."

Number of Participants: 30-60.

Program Duration: About 6 days (a Sunday to Friday) in late March.

Cost: None. Air travel will also be partially reimbursed.

Admission Difficulty: Probably similar to OCYPS, but directed towards those in the health and wellness industry (either clinical or research). A representative geographic distribution of candidates will likely be sought. History of participation in one's local Taiwanese expatriate community is also likely preferred.

Repeat Participants? Unknown, but probably unlikely.

The Low-Down: First run in 2007, this program is one of the first "special focus" seminars to be held bi-annually by the OCAC. Similar to OCYPS in structure, it differs in that it specifically seeks those in the overseas health care community to participate, with a desire for them to learn about and assist with Taiwan's involvement in the international health care community. Up until 2009, the goal was to help attendees understand the significance of the Taiwan lobby to enter the World Health Assembly (WHA). Now that this task has been achieved, the seminar's focus in the future will likely be on Taiwan's lobby for admission to the World Health Organization (WHO). Average age of the participants is roughly 30. One challenge for attendees, is that those who are invited to attend are likely to be fully employed, and will have to take time off work in order to attend (may be difficult for say, ER docs). The week will be composed of discussions and intellectually stimulating lectures during the day, and participant-led activities at night (Room 18 anyone?). A benefit of attending the seminar is access to a strong network of talented individuals with similar-interests.

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