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OCAC LSP "Tug Boat"

OCAC Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth

2010 Application
a.k.a.: "Tug Boat"
Organizer: Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission

Official Program Objective: "To provide an educational program for expatriate youth that improves their competency in spoken and written Chinese language, enhances their knowledge of Chinese and Taiwanese cultures, and deepens their understanding of the establishment and development of Taiwan, the Republic of China."

Program Eligibility: "Youths aged 14 to 24 (as shown on passport), in good academic standing and health, eager to learn Chinese language, adaptable to boarding life during the study program, currently residing outside of Taiwan, and of Chinese/Taiwanese descent are eligible to apply."

Program Duration: The program seems to run every 2 months throughout the year (Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jun, July-Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec). Some of these programs are specifically targeted for certain countries.
"During the 4-week or 6-week study program, Chinese language courses are arranged from Monday to Friday, as well as Taiwanese language and culture studies. In the evenings, each student may select to spend the time in leisure activities, internet courses or self-study. Art activities and cultural tours are arranged on Saturdays and Sundays."

Cost: 33 000 NT (4 weeks), or 42 000 NT (6 weeks)

Admission Difficulty: Unknown, but probably similar to how Love Boat enrollees are selected. The program likely endeavors to allow all applicants to eventually attend, if not in a given session, then in a following session. Geographic residence and participation by siblings may possibly affect one's standing in the "queue" to participate.

Repeat Participants? "Students may apply for continued study".

The Low-Down: "OCAC Language Study Program" describes any number of programs run by the OCAC at various times throughout the year for any number of target countries. The overall trend/organization of the programs is described above. Any of these programs often come to be known as the "Tug Boat", as a smaller-sibling reference to the more well-known "Love Boat". Compared to LB, Tug Boat has less of a "party atmosphere" reputation and has a greater emphasis on language (Mandarin) learning. There is also likely to be a great spread in age of attendees, as teenagers as young as 14 are allowed to attend. Information on this program is piecemeal, but the application itself appears standardized. The links below describe several of the programs that have been run in the past.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I joined this program last year & I still have the info about the Program Eligibility, Program Duration, Cost. I was planning to post it on my site too but unfortunately I haven't have time to do it.

This program is held all around the year, maybe about 6 terms each year and the summer terms has the most participants I think. And I heard each term originally design to accomodate ppl from different region, for example: summer for americans, autumm for latin americans, etc but ppl can still apply to any terms regardless where he/she come from.

ps: thanks for linking to my blog! :p


Anonymous said...

Is there any information on how to apply for this camp for 2012? I haven't been able to find much information about it online.

MonK said...

I also could find little to no information regarding the 2012 tug boat program. Could anyone help in this area?

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Anonymous said...

Hi can someone post up information for the 2012 tug boat program much appreciated thanks!!

Unknown said...

Interesting picture and engineering examples. I would love to see them, especially the China Pavilion. study in china

Anonymous said...

is there any application information or forms for 2013?

Anonymous said...

for the forms for this program

Anonymous said...

can we still turn in our applications for tugboat?????

Anonymous said...

Is there any more information about this? I tried looking at the website but when translated to English it doesn't seem to have any of the appropriate information...i.e. will the camp only focus on learning Chinese? can they kids leave with their parents on weekends to visit other places? what inds of acticities do they do?

Unknown said...

I'm Interested in the love boat camp. I was wondering how do I apply and what are the costs? I'm a uni student btw :)

Joan said...

All I found was this for 2014, Hope this helps.

rahayuning said...

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Anonymous said...

is there anyone who can not speak mandarin go?

Teralis said...
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Unknown said...

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