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Talented Youth Summer Program at HKUST

Official Site
Organizer: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University
Facebook: Here.

Official Program Objective: "Young people are often encouraged to "put their best foot forward" and "be all they can be". For the exceptionally talented, however, it may be hard to fully extend their potentials and find out how far they can really go. Studies have found that if not nurtured at an early stage, the distinct gifts of these individuals might be hidden, ignored and eventually wasted. These bright young minds require special guidance to truly flourish, and pursue what they are meant to achieve.

The Talented Youth Summer Program at HKUST (TYS@UST) aims to provide special nurturing to talented pre-university youths by helping them to:
- Explore their full potential and develop their personal goals;
- Foster creativity and enhance critical thinking; and
- Become global citizens through multicultural teamwork and collaborative learning."

Program Eligibility: "TYS@UST is targeted at top-ranking high school students who will have completed Grades 10 to 12 (or equivalent). Admitted applicants are expected to show exceptional academic promise and receive excellent recommendation from the school/ relevant referee.

High proficiency in the English language is expected of the students as all courses will be taught in English. Applicants are recommended to submit the result of any international English assessment examination, if available. Students who have studied at least 4 years in an English-speaking school will be exempted."

Number of Participants: Unknown.

Program Duration: July 14 - August 4, 2010.

Cost: 24 000 HKD.

Admission Difficulty: Presumably competitive.

Repeat Participants? Unknown.

The Low Down: Unlike the other programs on this site, TYS is intended specifically for high school students.

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