Wednesday, January 1, 2014

--- Orphan Links

The following are links describing programs for which I have no additional information.

2008 Summer Mandarin Study Program in Taiwan
Link : This link describes a 4-week summer language program at Fu Jen Catholic University in the summer of 2008. University credits were available, as was a financial subsidy from TECO Canada.

2009 National Taiwan University, College of Public Health, Summer Internship Program
Link : This link describes a 2-month program (July-Sept) sponsored by the International Health Center at the College of Public Health, National Taiwan University.

2010 Taipei Language Institute (TLI) Summer Immersion Program
Link : This is a blog page describing a summer program run by the TLI, a private language institute in Taipei.

OCAC Overseas Youth Vocational Training School
Link : This link describes a 2-year program held in Taiwan to assist overseas compatriot youths develop an understanding of manufacturing techniques and trade.

Taiwanese Expatriate Youth Volunteer Service Program
Link : This is the Facebook group of a youth volunteer program in 2009 that was apparently affiliated with the Red Cross.

Wise Abroad Taiwan Internship
Link : This is a commercial website of a company that appears to arrange internships in foreign countries such as Taiwan.

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