Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Morgan Stanley SAIB

Morgan Stanley Summer Analyst in Investment Banking - Asia Pacific

Official Site
Organizer: Morgan Stanley

Official Program Objective: "Our Summer Analyst program runs for ten weeks, and is designed to provide a realistic view of investment banking by having Summer Analysts assume the functions of full-time Analysts. You are typically assigned to a specific group where you will work on a variety of transactions. Along the way, you will obtain a strong foundation in the basic skills of financial analysis and deal execution. You will be expected to start learning how to market the firm's products and services effectively."

Program Eligibility: "We are looking for high-caliber undergraduate degree students in their penultimate year or masters students expecting to graduate in December 2009 or July 2010 who possess both oral and written fluency in English, a keen interest in finance and investment banking, along with initiative, enthusiasm, motivation and a strong work ethic. Fluency in Mandarin or Korean would be beneficial."

Number of Participants: Unknown.

Program Duration: 10 weeks, beginning in June.

Cost: Unknown.

Admission Difficulty: Presumably competitive.

Repeat Participants? Unknown.

The Low Down: The program locations include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Australia.

Update: The "Official Site" URL that was previously linked became inactive sometime at the end of 2011. The curent link (above) is the official "Summer Analyst Program" page, but the "Asia Pacific" program may not be presently active.

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