Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Overseas Compatriot Young Professionals Seminar

Organizer: Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission

Program Eligibility: 35 and under.

Number of Participants: Approximately 40.

Program Duration: About 6 days (a Sunday to Friday) in late April.

Cost: None. Air travel will also be partially reimbursed.

Admission Difficulty: Selective, but the degree varies. Participants are nominated by their local TECOs to participate. Approximately one to three applicants per regional TECO are admitted. Selectivity depends on the method of selection by each TECO, which may either be by open competition, or direct solicitation to attend. Participants are chosen by their involvement in their local Taiwanese expatriate community and their career promise.

Repeat Participants? Rare.

The Low-Down: For those with an interest in understanding Taiwan's progress, development, and challenges, this is a very rewarding program to attend. The week is composed of lectures from industry leaders covering topics related to Taiwan's current economic, cultural, and political climates. A particular asset to the program is the participants themselves, who average age about 27 years in age, and make up a very mature, but (due to the selection for those who are involved and accomplished) distinguished and outgoing crowd. Memorable on many levels, OCYPS is motivating, intellectually stimulating, and fun.


meomeo said...

It sounds interesting but I have some concerns. Does the applicant have to cover all of fees except the airfare?

TaiwanSummer said...

The entire program is paid for by the OCAC. That means your meals, your hotel room, and the program itself. The OCAC will even pay a significant amount (perhaps all) of your airfare.

I recommend this program as much as any other program on this site, particularly if you have a strong affinity towards Taiwan. It's a great week that will motivate you, engage you, and allow you to have fun.

Joyce said...

How do we apply for this?

Joyce said...

I'm interested in applying. Please e-mail me the details at

Thank you!

TaiwanSummer said...

I am not involved in the admission procedures for this program. To obtain more info or the application, contact your nearest TECO for more details.

Anonymous said...

I emailed TECO, but I don't get any responses. I cannot find any links on the internet to this program other than this page. Could you direct me to any pages?

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