Sunday, January 1, 2017


Taiwan International Graduate Program Summer Internship Program

Official Site : 2010 Guidelines
Organizer: Academia Sinica

Official Program Objective: "The TIGP Summer Internship Program (TIGP-SIP) was launched recently to provide visiting overseas students with an opportunity to become familiar with the research environment and graduate programs offered by Academia Sinica."

Program Eligibility:
"The internship is open to overseas applicants of the following status:
(1) students who are currently studying at an overseas university at a level of third year or above, or studying in a master degree program
(2) non-students who already obtained a B.S. or Master Degree."

Program Duration: 8 consecutive weeks in July and August.

Cost: Participants will receive a ~30 000 NT/month stipend as well as half their airfare reimbursed.

Admission Difficulty: Unknown.

Repeat Participants? Unknown.

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