Sunday, January 1, 2017

US-Twn Business Coun

US-Taiwan Business Council Intern Program

Official Site
Organizer: US-Taiwan Business Council
Facebook: Here.

Official Program Objective: "The US-Taiwan Business Council Internship Program allows the organization to provide additional value-added services to its members, while providing an opportunity for students to gain experience in Asian-American business affairs in a real-life office environment. Interns will develop a solid knowledge base of Taiwan and Asian corporate affairs and policy issues, and will gain valuable office skills and networking opportunities."

Program Eligibility: Unknown.

Number of Participants: Unknown.

Program Duration: Approximately one term.

Cost: None. Internships are not salaried.

Admission Difficulty: Unknown.

Application Deadline:
Winter/Spring Term:  October 1 - December 1
Summer Term:  January 1 - March 1
Fall Term:  June 1 - August 1

Repeat Participants? Unknown.

The Low-Down: This program is held in the United States in Arlington, Virginia, right outside of Washington D.C. Its criteria for admission seems flexible, as does its program content. From the website: "The Council is dedicated to developing a mutually beneficial intern relationship, one that will further the student's goals while promoting the Council's growth. Each intern opportunity is unique in that it is specifically created around the student's interests and needs. During the interview process, the candidate and intern coordinator will define a set of goals (personal and professional) and decide whether the needs of the Council are indeed a match with those goals. Upon selection, the intern and coordinator will develop a program profile outlining the goals, duties, and special projects that will make up the internship. An outline agreement will then be created defining the Council's and the intern's responsibilities to each other. This allows each to have a clear understanding of goals and expectations, and serves as a means to monitor the progress and success of the internship."

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