Sunday, January 1, 2017

Elite Project 伯樂計畫

Elite Project

Official Site
Organizer: National Applied Research Laboratories

Official Program Objective: "The Elite Project is meant to recognize and recruit Taiwan’s 'best and the brightest' abroad who are capable of transferring new technologies to Taiwan’s industries. Overseas senior professionals specialized in the following key fields are given precedence by the recruitment office. 1) Basic sciences, 2) Biomedical science and technology, 3) Image displays, 4) Digital contents, 5) Information and communication technology, 6) Semiconductors, 7) Energy science and technology, 8) Environmental science, oceanography and natural disasters, 9) Nano and advanced material science and technology, 10) Key service industries, 11) International law and politics, and 12) Humanities and arts."

Program Eligibility: "The candidate must be of Taiwanese descent and meet the following qualifications:
(1) The applicant must have a Master's or Ph.D. degree and have 15 or more years of work experience in the fields listed above.
(2) The applicant should have exceptional achievements rarely seen in Taiwan industries and universities for academics, applied sciences or technology fields.
Applicants from Mainland China, or are traveling from Mainland China to a third country are not qualified."

Number of Participants: About 25-30. "The number of opening is determined by actual demand, evaluation results and the NSC's annual budget".

Program Duration: 60 days, with a possible extension to 90 days.

Cost: None. Subsidies include (1) living expenses (5000 NT/day), and (2) a roundtrip air ticket.

Admission Difficulty: Presumably difficult.

Repeat Participants? Unknown.

The Low Down: This program is directed towards advanced-career professionals and academics.

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