Sunday, January 1, 2017


English Program in Korea

Official Site
Organizer: National Institute for International Education
Wikipedia: Here. Facebook: Here.

Official Program Objective:
"- To foster primary and secondary students' English communication ability in the age of information and gloalization.
- To provide English conversation training to public English teachers.
- To develop English textbooks and teching materials.
- To improve and expand English teaching methodologies
- To encourage cultural awareness between Koreans and GETs (Guest English Teachers)
- Bettering Korea's image abroad."

Program Eligibility:
"- Be a citizen of a country where English is the primary language.
- Hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university.
- Be a maximum of 62 years of age.
- Be mentally and physically healthy.
- Have a good command of the English language.
- Have the ability and willingness to adapt to Korean culture and living."

Program Duration: 1 year.

Cost: None. Salary is 1.8-2.7 million KRW/month, depending on qualifications/experience.

Admission Difficulty: Unknown.

Repeat Participants? Yes. The teaching contract may be renewed.

The Low-Down: This is a governmentally-sponsored teach-English-in-Korea opportunity, and can be viewed as the "Jet Program" for Korea. It is best known for arranging teaching locums for schools in Seoul. For opportunities outside of Seoul, check out GEPIK.

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