Sunday, January 1, 2017


World Youth Hakka Culture Camp

Official Site : 2010 Overview : 2010 Application
Organizer: Council for Hakka Affairs, Executive Yuan
Facebook: 2007 : 2008 : 2010.

Official Program Objective: "This camp is especially designed for assisting overseas Chinese to experience Hakka culture, to get a better understanding of original Hakka history, to further their interests in aspects, such as Hakka language, folk, music, drama, and eventually to enrich their global Hakka viewpoints as well."

Program Eligibility:
"1. The applicant should be aged 16 to 27.
2. The applicant should be those who are living overseas in good condition, and performing well in academic studies.
3. The applicant should be adaptable to live in groups, and overseas decendants of Hakka, or those who recognize the Hakka culture
4. For the sake of fairness, a family could be only reserved one member to participate in this culture camp(twins are excluded)."

Number of Participants: 60 per camp

Program Duration:
Camp 1 : July 10 to July 30, 2010
Camp 2 : December 8 to December 28, 2010

Cost: "During the period of the Culture Camp, all fees including board and accommodation, travel insurance, and public transportation around Taiwan will be paid by the Tour Sponsor."

Admission Difficulty: Unknown.

Repeat Participants? Unknown.


Anonymous said...

is it still available for year 2012? how much it cost?

Anonymous said...

Hi.. greetings from Malaysia. Could you please provide method of application for this programme? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i like to know if WYHCC still available in 2012 or not. can someone provide an answer?

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