Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Taiwan Tech Trek

Taiwan Tech Trek
科技台灣探索 - 候鳥計畫

Official Site
a.k.a.: "TTT"
Organizer: National Science Council
Wikipedia: Here. Facebook: Page, Group200520062007200820092010201120122013.

Official Program Objective: "This summer program is part of the Taiwan government's overall effort to recruit new generations of overseas Taiwanese for the purpose of raising Taiwan's overall competitiveness. This generation possesses the language abilities professional expertise, and international savvy that are advantageous to Taiwan's S&T industries and manpower needs. Building a strategic liaison with this generation can attract long-term returnees for the future, infuse fresh energy into Taiwan's workforce, and ultimately increase international support for Taiwan."

Program Eligibility: "For overseas Taiwanese candidates,
1. Must be of Taiwanese descent.
2. Must not have received any formal education in Taiwan beyond elementary school.
3. Must have completed at least the first two years of university-level education in a foreign country.
4. Must not have previously accepted full-time employment in Taiwan.
5. Must be between ages 18~30.
6. Must be able to communicate in one of the following languages: English, Mandarin, or Taiwanese."

Number of Participants:
Summer Program: 230-280
Winter Program: 15-30

Program Duration:
Summer Program: Eight weeks, composed of a one-week group orientation in the last week of June (June 22-26, 2014), followed by a 7 week (June 30 - Aug 14, 2014) internship in a Taiwanese governmental or private organization.
Winter Program: A seven week (Dec 3, 2012 - Jan 18, 2013) internship preceeded by a one-day orientation on Nov 30, 2012.

Cost: None. Participants receive a 30 000 NT stipend.

Admission Difficulty: Most reasonably qualified university students or graduates should be competitive for admission.

Repeat Participants? Yes.

Application Deadline: February 6, 2014. (Taiwan time)

The Low-Down: Though a relatively newer program (it was first run in 2005), it has established itself as one of the leading summer, and now winter, programs in Taiwan. The first week (or day, for the winter program) of orientation is common to everyone, with lectures and tours. Following that, specific experiences will vary depending on the internship you select, the location of your work, whether you live with relatives or on campus, your desire to have outside activities, and the number of other TTT participants you are paired with. The number of different experiences may be as great as the number of participants on the program. Compared to Love Boat, TTT participants generally have a greater ability in Chinese (most participants have at least a working knowledge of Mandarin) and are probably more committed to having a behaved and responsible summer experience. That said, with the right group, fun can definitely be had, and free time (especially on weekends) is abundant. For many, however, it may be their first real "job" experience, so fatigue will likely play a factor. Due to the official/governmental nature of the host institutions, many view their internship as a meaningful work experience they can add to their CVs.

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Anonymous said...

1. Must be of Taiwanese descent.

are they strict on that??
what if I'm a Chinese decent

TaiwanSummer said...

I don't know. You can certainly ask - the most convenient way would be to post the question to the wall of the TTT Facebook Page (link above). The TTT staff seems to be quite quick in replying to questions asked on the page.

My personal sense, however, is that they probably do "require" that participants be Taiwanese.

Anonymous said...

Am i allowed to to participate if i'm 16 years old?
i'm now Grade 10 in Canada

TaiwanSummer said...

The info document for TTT 2012 states interns must be born between "08/18/1982 and 06/24/1994 inclusive". So unless you somehow get granted an exemption from this regulation, it seems you can't attend if you are only 16 years old.

Anonymous said...

Would you have an idea as to how selective they are? I think I saw in one of the articles that ~2000 applicants applied for their 200-250 spots. said...

Nice website! I'm going to be in Taiwan this summer and I can't wait!

Himu said...

This information's are very helpful.To get technology news visit here.

Shiv said...

Do Indian students have a fair chance of selection?
And when will the details be declared for 2013 program?

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